About Us

Savaira (Urdu: “morning”) is a division of The Soorty Foundation, incorporated under section 42 of the Companies Act 2017. Savaira’s founders, Dr. Yasmeen and Dr. Asif Khan, bring over two decades of expertise and a commitment to making quality mental health accessible to all Pakistanis. Trained in cross-cultural psychology, they offer a diverse perspective to the mental health community.

Savaira is a non-profit organization that envisions a brighter dawn for mental health services in Pakistan. Our vision is to ensure accessible, affordable and quality mental health care for all Pakistanis, fostering a culture of well-being through awareness, prevention, and services. At Savaira, we aim to reduce the stigma associated with mental health in Pakistan, prevent mental illness, and work towards the integration of mental health services into healthcare.

Our Vision

Accessible, Affordable, and Quality Mental Health Care for all Pakistanis.

Our Mission

To improve the well-being of Pakistanis by creating awareness, offering prevention programs and enhancing access to quality care in mental health.

Our Values

  • Excellence
  • Compassion
  • Empowerment
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity