Our Story

Telling The Tale of A New Dawn: Savaira

In the heart of Pakistan, Savaira emerged from the profound love and compassion of Dr. Yasmeen and Dr. Asif. Driven by a deep-rooted connection to Pakistan, Dr. Asif & Dr. Yasmeen returned after 20 years abroad, leaving behind their life in the USA. Their mission was clear: to create a sanctuary for mental wellbeing.

With like-minded individuals, Savaira was born—a beacon of hope, offering support and counseling to those in need. Our journey is a testament to resilience, fueled by love and compassion. Together, we’re shaping a mentally resilient Pakistan where hearts heal, minds mend, and hope prevails.

Welcome to Savaira, where every story finds understanding, every heart finds solace, and every life finds inspiration.