Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Professor Syed Haroon Ahmed: A Tribute by JPMC and Savaira

The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) in collaboration with Savaira recently organized a tribute to celebrate the remarkable life and contributions of the renowned Professor Syed Haroon Ahmed. After the event, Dr. Haroon was given a tour of the new building which will have 120 beds when fully operational.

The program was hosted by Dr. Chooni Lal, Head of the Department, and graced by the presence of several distinguished guests. Senator Karim Ahmed Khawaja, Chair of the Sindh Mental Health Commission, acknowledged Dr. Haroon’s significant contributions to the department and proposed naming a lecture hall after him as a testament to his lasting legacy. Dr. Iqbal Afridi, the previous Chair of the Department paid tribute to Dr. Haroon’s transformative influence, comparing his influence to that of a towering tree under whose shade countless individuals have found knowledge, solace, and healing.

Prof. Dr Tariq Mehmood, Head of Radiology at JPMC, Dr Yasmeen Khan, President of Savaira, several eminent psychiatrists, as well as Dr Haroon’s wife, Anis Haroon who is a prominent advocate for human and women’s rights herself, also spoke on the occasion. Emotions ran high throughout the gathering as speakers shared heartfelt stories, expressing their deep admiration and respect for Dr. Haroon’s legendary life and work.

The event concluded with prayers for Dr. Haroon’s health and long life, encapsulating the profound respect and love the attendees hold for him. Dr. Haroon Ahmed’s commitment to patient care, his unwavering dedication to improving mental health services, and his legacy as a teacher and mentor continues to inspire and guide the field of psychiatry.