Savaira Sheds Light on Suicide on HOT FM 105 Radio Show

On the occasion of Suicide Prevention Day, Dr. Yasmeen Khan, President of Savaira, engaged in a compelling conversation on HOT FM 105, a popular radio channel, with host Shireen Akhtar. She spoke on the urgent need to destigmatize mental health by dispelling myths and fostering open conversations. Dr Yasmeen shed light on the recent changes aimed at decriminalizing suicide. She detailed the subtle signs and symptoms of depression, suicide prevention strategies and the important role of friends and family in providing a supportive network She also provided valuable information about free helplines and support services available to those in need. An integral part of the radio show involved Dr. Yasmeen addressing questions from the listeners, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility in promoting mental well-being. Savaira’s commitment to creating a more compassionate and understanding society resonated with listeners, inspiring hope and encouraging positive action.