Savaira’s Two-Day Teacher Training Program at Khadija Kazi Ali Memorial High School

Savaira’s transformative two-day teacher training at Khadija Kazi Ali Memorial High School on January 1st and 2nd, 2024, attracted 40 eager educators. The program focused on elevating mental health literacy through interactive methods. The curriculum empowered teachers to effectively address social and emotional challenges, blending theoretical insights with practical applications. Strategies for both whole-class interventions and personalized, one-on-one approaches were emphasized, fostering confidence in educators. The overwhelmingly positive response from participants highlighted the program’s success in enhancing teachers’ skills and awareness. Savaira takes pride in contributing to a more supportive and understanding educational environment, committed to the thriving emotional and academic well-being of both teachers and students. Through such impactful initiatives, Savaira continues to shape a brighter and more empathetic future for the educational community.