My Health, My Right – World Health Day

The World Health Organization (WHO) selects a theme to focus on each year, and this year’s theme is “My Health, My Right.” Undoubtedly, health is everyone’s basic right, encompassing mental and physical well-being. Millions around the…

April 5, 2024

The World Health Organization (WHO) selects a theme to focus on each year, and this year's theme is "My Health, My Right." Undoubtedly, health is everyone's basic right, encompassing mental and physical well-being. Millions around the world lack access to healthcare, education, and resources due to poverty, discrimination, or conflicts.

Pakistan’s Condition

  1. Over 85% of Pakistani children suffer from malnutrition, impacting their immune systems and mental development.
  2. Rural areas lack access to quality healthcare, exacerbating mental health issues due to unmet medical needs.
  3. Despite nationwide initiatives, stigma and limited resources persist, leaving many Pakistanis with untreated mental health conditions stemming from social pressures and trauma.
  4. Pakistan has a high prevalence of Thalassemia, a blood disorder. Many patients, like Kashif Iqbal, fight tirelessly for access to proper treatment and raise awareness for this condition.

WHO aims to raise awareness to break all barriers and stereotypes attached to discrimination, taking this day as an invaluable opportunity to educate about health issues and facilitate access to healthcare support globally.

Today, Savaira aims to advocate for the importance of access to quality mental health, emphasising that it is not just another topic but a crucial aspect. In an era marked by uncertainty and rapid change, mental health stands as a cornerstone of overall well-being as it profoundly influences how we think, feel, and act.

What we often forget is that health encompasses not just our physical well-being but also our mental state, intricately linked to our happiness, fulfilment, and connections with others. It's about feeling vibrant and alive, driven to pursue our dreams without the burden of illness or suffering holding us back.

Savaira’s Role:

From childhood to adulthood, we all require support to navigate life's challenges, and in today's world, resilience is essential for survival. For this reason, Savaira tirelessly strives to advocate for mental health and extend professional services to all in need.

Savaira utilises innovative techniques and community-based therapies, and offers a holistic treatment experience for all. They organise theatre performances, community centre workshops, and seminars to educate people and empower them to break stereotypes, reduce stigmas, and lead empowered lives.

Through internal family support and couples counselling, as well as ongoing projects like “Youth Wellness”, “Parvaan - Student Wellness Program”, and "Pursukoon Zindagi," Savaira’s primary agenda is to extend support where it is needed most in society and make mental health consultation and services accessible to everyone, recognizing it as a fundamental need for every individual.

What can you do to observe World Health Day?

Be Mindful of Hidden Health Issues:
  • Take time to reflect on your mental health and seek support if needed.
  • Schedule regular check-ups for chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension.
  • Evaluate your lifestyle choices and assess potential health risks like smoking or poor nutrition.
Take Charge of Your Own Health:
  • Set personal health goals such as exercising three times a week or reducing sugar intake.
  • Prioritise self-care activities like getting enough sleep and practising stress management techniques.
  • Educate yourself about healthy habits and make informed decisions about your health.

Spread Awareness:

  • Share your health journey on social media to inspire others.
  • Talk openly with friends and family about the importance of preventive care and mental well-being.
  • Volunteer at local health events or organisations to raise awareness in your community.
Schedule Regular Check-ups:
  • Make appointments for routine screenings such as mammograms or blood pressure checks.
  • Use calendar reminders to stay on top of dental cleanings and eye exams.
  • Track your health metrics, like weight or blood sugar levels, to monitor changes over time.
Educate Yourself About Health Risks:
  • Research common health conditions

Wrapping up

On World Health Day, let's remember to prioritise these aspects of health so we can all feel better and stay healthy. Savaira believes that advocating for health means more than just combating diseases and ailments; it's about fighting for the essence of a full and meaningful life. By working together, we can bridge the healthcare gap and ensure a healthier future for all Pakistanis. Join Savaira in taking proactive steps towards a basic right - a healthier mind and a brighter future, and make "Health for All" a reality.