Dr. Asif Khan, Vice President of Savaira, Recently Conducted an Insightful Awareness Session on Men’s Mental Health

Dr. Asif Khan, Vice President of Savaira, recently conducted an insightful awareness session on men’s mental health, addressing the pervasive stigma that surrounds this issue within Pakistani society. In his session, Dr. Khan highlighted the significant barriers men face in expressing their emotions openly, often due to societal expectations that discourage vulnerability and emotional expression. He emphasized the harmful impact of these stereotypes, noting how they contribute to feelings of isolation and prevent men from seeking the support they need.

The aim of Dr. Khan’s session was to challenge prevailing attitudes and promote a more compassionate approach towards men’s mental health. By advocating for a shift from the outdated notion of “men don’t cry” to a more empathetic understanding that “it takes a man to cry,” Dr. Khan encouraged participants to recognize the strength and courage it requires for men to confront their emotional challenges. His efforts underscored the importance of creating safe spaces where men feel empowered to share their feelings without fear of judgment, ultimately fostering healthier attitudes towards mental well-being in Pakistani communities.