Our Work


Breaking the silence surrounding mental health is vital to creating a supportive society. Savaira is committed to raising awareness about mental health issues, dispelling myths, and reducing stigma. Through impactful campaigns, online resources, and community events, we facilitate open conversations paving the way for acceptance, understanding, and empathy. Through our multi-faceted approach, we aim to make mental health a topic that everyone can discuss openly and compassionately.


Research shows that early identification and timely intervention can prevent the progression of mental illness. Savaira’s approach is holistic, incorporating mental health into educational programs and community initiatives. Central to our strategy is providing resources to teachers and parents to understand early signs of emotional distress in children. We work collaboratively with schools to enhance the emotional well-being of students and prevent the escalation of mental health issues.

Quality Care

At Savaira, we believe everyone deserves access to top-quality mental health care. Our commitment to affordable care is evident through our diverse range of impactful projects. Through our public-private partnership with Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre and Patients’ Aid Foundation, our team of skilled professionals provides compassionate, evidence-based, holistic treatment free of cost.