At Savaira, we recognize that awareness is the cornerstone of understanding mental health.

Through innovative and creative programs, we strive to initiate conversations, challenge stereotypes, and break the silence surrounding mental health. By fostering understanding and empathy, we work tirelessly to create a society where mental health is not just understood, but embraced.

Empowering Voices, Inspiring Change:

Our Youth Wellness Program is a dynamic initiative designed to engage university youth in meaningful conversations about mental health. Through interactive theaters, workshops, and engaging sessions, we provide a platform for young minds to express their thoughts and concerns. By encouraging dialogue and understanding, we empower the youth to advocate for mental health, fostering a generation of compassionate leaders.

Youth Wellness Program

Community Mental Health Project

Interactive Theater, Empathetic Communities:

In our Community Mental Health Project, we utilize the power of interactive theater and workshops to facilitate conversations about mental health within communities. By breaking down barriers through creativity, we empower individuals to openly discuss mental health challenges. These interactive sessions foster understanding, reducing stigma, and creating supportive networks within communities.

Amplifying Voices, Changing Perspectives:

Through compelling radio shows and television campaigns, we amplify voices, ensuring that discussions about mental health reverberate across the airwaves. By reaching into living rooms and cars, our media campaigns challenge societal norms, dismantling misconceptions and fostering compassion.

Media Campaigns

Mental Health at Workplace

Cultivating Supportive Work Environments:

Mental health is as vital in the workplace as it is anywhere else. In our Mental Health at Workplace project, we partner with corporations, guiding them to provide robust mental health support to their employees. By fostering a workplace culture of understanding, empathy, and support, we contribute to the well-being of employees and create environments where mental health is valued.

Why Awareness Matters:

Empathy and Understanding: Creative programs evoke empathy, encouraging people to step into the shoes of others and understand their struggles.

Breaking Stigmas: By challenging misconceptions and fostering open discussions, we dismantle stigmas, creating a society where mental health is embraced.

Inspiring Change: Awareness initiatives inspire individuals to advocate for mental health, creating a ripple effect of understanding and acceptance.