At Savaira, we believe that fostering emotional well-being from a young age is key to creating a mentally resilient society.

Through our Parvaan – Student Wellness Program, we have embarked on a mission to enhance the emotional well-being of students, working hand-in-hand with schools to create a supportive environment.

Nurturing Emotional Well-being

In collaboration with schools, our Parvaan program prioritizes the emotional well-being of students. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive training, resources, and continuous support to cultivate an atmosphere that champions social, emotional, and psychological health among students. Our multifaceted approach encompasses several key aspects

Parvaan - Student Wellness Program

Teacher Training

Empowering Educators:

We conduct extensive training sessions for teachers, focusing on identifying mental health issues in students ranging from grade 4 to 10. Teachers are equipped with fundamental counseling skills, enabling them to offer essential support to students dealing with various challenges. Our aim is to create a compassionate and understanding environment where students feel heard and supported.

Elevating Learning Environments:

We provide internationally accredited classroom management techniques to teachers, enhancing their ability to create inclusive and positive learning spaces. By fostering an atmosphere of respect and understanding, teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the emotional well-being of their students.

Classroom Management Techniques

Self-Care Practices

Caring for the Caregivers:

Recognizing the immense dedication of teachers, we emphasize the importance of self-care practices. By nurturing their own well-being, teachers can better support their students. We offer guidance on stress management, mindfulness, and coping strategies, ensuring teachers are equipped to handle the challenges they face while nurturing young minds.

Why Prevention Matters:

Early Intervention: By identifying and addressing issues early, we can prevent them from escalating into more significant challenges.

Empowering Students: Equipped with coping skills, students can navigate difficulties and build resilience for a brighter future.

Supportive Environment: A school environment that values mental well-being fosters healthy emotional development and academic success.