At Savaira, we are not just advocates for mental health; we are pioneers of tangible change.

Our commitment to providing access to quality mental health care is evident through our diverse range of impactful projects, each designed to enhance lives and nurture resilience.

Constructing a Beacon of Hope:

In a groundbreaking public-private partnership, Savaira spearheaded the construction of a 120-bed psychiatric ward at Jinnah Hospital. Beyond financial support, we actively collaborate with government staff, elevating the standards of care at the JPMC Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department. Through our initiative, psychological services have been integrated, introducing innovative techniques and group therapies. We work closely with in-patients, aiding their reintegration into society, while recreational therapies provide holistic treatment experiences.

Partnership with Jinnah Hospital

Capacity Building for Mental Health Professionals

Empowering the Future:

Savaira is dedicated to building the capacity of mental health professionals and aspiring students. Through tailored programs, we offer training in Internal Family Systems, couples counseling, and post-graduate training at JPMC. Our internship initiatives at JPMC and partnerships with Karachi University and Bahria University pave the way for the next generation of mental health experts.

Touching Lives, One Container at a Time:

In collaboration with Interactive Research & Development (IRD), Savaira established Wellness Centers in government hospitals. These converted shipping containers, strategically placed in Lyari, New Karachi, and Malir, offer free mental health counseling services. Through our Pursukoon Zindagi program, we extend support where it’s needed most, ensuring mental health services are accessible to all.

Pursukoon Zindagi – Community Wellness Centers

Integration of Mental Health in Primary Care Settings

Empathy at the Forefront:

Continuing our mission to integrate mental health into primary care, Savaira conducted comprehensive training for Shine Humanity’s allied healthcare staff. Ten community health workers, midwives, nutritionists, and paramedical staff underwent training to recognize and understand common mental health issues. Dr. Uzma Ambareen, a seasoned psychiatrist, led the session, bridging the gap between clinical expertise and community understanding.