Capacity Building

Savaira’s vision is accessible, affordable, and quality mental health care for all Pakistanis. In order to achieve this vision, we offer capacity building for our team, students, mental health service providers and the community. We have provided capacity building through various platforms since our inception.

For our JPMC flagship project, we hold regular zoom and in-person trainings offered by US based senior psychiatrists for JPMC psychiatry residents. These include topics such as ECT training demos, child and adolescent diagnosis and treatment, medication management and parenting and case consultations. We also provide regular supervision and didactic training to psychologists, social workers, psychology interns and observers at JPMC.

We believe in integration of mental health services with primary care. We have provided training for Shine Humanity Pakistan’s general practitioners and allied health staff at their Gharo clinic. The purpose of the training was awareness raising on mental health and mental illness, identification and management of common psychiatric disorders.

We have been providing services to educational institutions to help with capacity building of their students. Savaira’s VP offered multiple training sessions to Karachi University and NUST psychology department students in basic counseling skills.

In our efforts to help with the preparation of Sindh Mental Health counseling helpline, we conducted a training session for helpline counselors about orientation in basic counseling skills We also provided a virtual eight session course in couples counseling for clinical psychologists across Pakistan followed by case supervision sessions.

Savaira has also been doing a series of training in our prevention area for school teachers and l leaders in mental health literacy and classroom management as part of our Parvaan Student Wellness Project.