Integration with Primary Health

Savaira organized a Symposium on integrated mental health in primary health settings. The event comprised enlightening panel discussions aimed at creating awareness about integrated health systems in Pakistan. Distinguished speakers and panelists shed light on the significance of integrating mental health into primary healthcare, education, and community health, sharing global best practices and discussing strategies to promote mental well-being while ensuring access to treatment.

One of the event’s highlights was a highly successful panel discussion featuring esteemed experts, including Dr. Asif Imam, Dr. Abdul Bari, and Aneeta Pasha, who shared invaluable insights and perspectives on integrated mental health care. Additionally, the event was honored to have Dr. Zafar Mirza, a renowned keynote speaker, whose impactful address further emphasized the importance of integrating mental health into primary healthcare strategies. This collaborative engagement not only fostered meaningful conversations but also laid the groundwork for future initiatives in advancing mental health within primary care.