Pursukoon Zindagi Wellness Centers

Savaira, in partnership with IRD, has introduced an innovative solution, “Pursukoon Zindagi – Community Counseling Centers,” addressing the scarcity of accessible mental health services in Pakistan, particularly for low-income communities.

These Centers, housed in repurposed shipping containers, serve as secure havens offering mental health services. Each Wellness Center is staffed withTh trained lay health counselors proficient in screening for depression and anxiety, providing crucial initial counseling to alleviate symptoms and enhance mental well-being.

Three Community Counseling Centers are operational at government hospital in Lyari, New Karachi and Saudabad, Malir and over 16,000 people have been screened for depression and anxiety. Awareness sessions are also held in the hospital and surrounding areas to sensitize the community on mental health and inform them about the facility.

Work is underway to determine the location for the third Wellness Center, with Abbasi Shaheed Hospital identified as a potential site. Ongoing discussions with hospital management aim to finalize this additional site for expanding our mental health outreach.