Savaira Events

Savaira signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Roshan Pakistan Academy to formalize their collaboration on the Parvaan-School Wellness Program. This partnership highlights the commitment of both organizations to prioritize students' mental well-being through comprehensive interventions across all educational levels. The program is designed to create a supportive school environment that fosters the mental well-being of… Continue reading Mou Signing Roshan Pakistan Academy
Savaira signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Iqra University School Systems to formalize their collaboration on the Parvaan-School Wellness Program. This partnership demonstrates the commitment of both organizations to prioritizing students' mental well-being through comprehensive interventions across various educational levels. The program aims to create a nurturing school environment that supports the mental well-being… Continue reading Mou Signing Iqra University School Systems
Savaira organized a remarkable event with at NASTP to celebrate the efforts of partner schools, with a special focus on acknowledging well-being leaders who have significantly enhanced student well-being. Mental health advocates were honored for their dedication to promoting mental health awareness and support within school communities. The event featured inspiring speeches from leaders… Continue reading Parvaan-School Wellness Program-Event
On May 22, 2024, Dr. Yasmeen Khan, President of Savaira, was invited as a panelist at the Healthcare Expo and Conference to discuss wellness, specifically focusing on a holistic approach to health. She emphasized the importance of the psychosocial and spiritual model of health, which combines conventional treatments with complementary therapies to address physical, mental,… Continue reading Healthcare Expo and Conference
Dr. Fazal, a renowned Adult and Adolescent Psychiatrist affiliated with Savaira's Advisory Board, visited Savaira's flagship project within JPMC's psychiatric ward. During his visit, he conducted ward rounds, engaged in case presentations with PGs, and supervised OPD clinics, contributing significantly to patient care and medical education initiatives.
Conducted a follow-up session at Khadija Kazi Ali Memorial High School, where it was observed that the teachers’' training had been successful. This was evident from the teachers' active participation and the effective manner in which she conducted the circle time activities. Additionally, the students were highly interactive and thoroughly enjoyed the circle time activities.
Savaira conducted an initial meeting with the Fehmida Begum Foundation at the Fehmida Begum Foundation School. The objective was to discuss a potential partnership for a student wellness program. Both parties are looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate and enhance student well-being.
A very productive meeting was held between Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL), Savaira and the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences at JPMC to explore potential areas of collaboration. The Savaira team was headed by President Dr Yasmeen Khan, while Professor Dr Imran Chaudhry led the PILL team and Dr Shaheryar Ali represented… Continue reading Meeting with Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning
On Women's Day, a mental wellbeing session was conducted exclusively for women at Turtle Beach by Dr. Yasmeen Khan. The session revolved around the theme "Discovering the Me Within," emphasizing experiential learning for self-exploration. Activities centered on mindfulness and mindful movements, and the experience was enjoyed by all. Experiencing mindfulness in nature added to the… Continue reading SEL CSR Event on Women’s Day
At NJV Learning Festival 2024, our esteemed Clinical Psychologist and dedicated Prevention & Awareness Manager, Nawal, played a pivotal role in moderating an enlightening panel discussion on Mental Health and Wellbeing. Drawing upon her expertise, Nawal skillfully guided the conversation among a diverse group of experts from various organizations.The session served as a powerful platform… Continue reading NJV Learning Festival – Panel Discussion
Savaira organized the interactive theater session for parents on mental health awareness at Dream Street Model High School. This engaging event was designed to educate parents about the social and emotional challenges their children may encounter. The approach involved presenting scenarios without immediate solutions, encouraging parents to reflect on the potential difficulties their children might… Continue reading Dream Foundation Theatre
Savaira organized the interactive theater session for parents on mental health awareness at Khadija Kazi Ali Memorial High School. This engaging event was designed to educate parents about the social and emotional challenges their children may encounter. The approach involved presenting scenarios without immediate solutions, encouraging parents to reflect on the potential difficulties their children… Continue reading Khadija Kazi Theatre
Savaira organized a work life balance session led by Dr Asif and facilitated by Nawal at Soorty enterprises limited. It was attended by 23 participants. The session was designed to foster a supportive environment where employees feel empowered to manage their workloads in a way that suits their individual needs, leading to greater overall satisfaction… Continue reading SEL Session
Savaira hosted a seminar on gender-based violence, impact, and needs by Dr. Asha Bedar, a psychologist with expertise in mental and emotional health, gender issues, violence against women and children as well as peace and human rights education. The seminar was attended by over 50 participants, including postgraduate psychiatry students, psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychiatric ward… Continue reading Seminar on Gender-based Violence, Impact and Needs
Savaira and Taskeen Health Initiative have solidified their commitment to mental health through the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This collaboration aims to address mental health comprehensively, encompassing awareness, prevention, and services, the three pillars of Savaira. The MOU emphasizes the integration of mental health interventions at various levels, spanning schools and… Continue reading MOU Signing with Taskeen Health Initiative
Savaira organized a session to help students deal with stress by giving them practical tools. The focus was on hands-on learning, making the session interactive. Participants learned various strategies to manage stress in their daily lives, including mindfulness and stress-relief exercises. The goal was to provide students with a complete set of skills to handle… Continue reading 2nd Stress Management Session at Iqra University (Main Campus)
Savaira's transformative two-day teacher training at Khadija Kazi Ali Memorial High School on January 1st and 2nd, 2024, attracted 40 eager educators. The program focused on elevating mental health literacy through interactive methods. The curriculum empowered teachers to effectively address social and emotional challenges, blending theoretical insights with practical applications. Strategies for both whole-class interventions… Continue reading Savaira’s Two-Day Teacher Training Program at Khadija Kazi Ali Memorial High School
Savaira organized two parallel stress management sessions led by our in-house clinical psychologists at Iqra University (North Campus), with a core focus on empowering students with navigation tools to effectively manage stress. These sessions were designed to encourage active participation, fostering an engaging environment where students openly shared stress triggers and their diverse coping strategies.… Continue reading Stress Management Sessions at Iqra University (North Campus)
Savaira conducted a stress management session at SZABIST University, aimed at empowering students with practical tools to navigate and conquer stress. Focused on experiential learning, the session was an engaging, interactive experience where participants delved into various coping strategies designed to effectively manage stress in their daily lives. From mindfulness practices to stress-relief exercises, the… Continue reading Stress Management Session at SZABIST
Savaira organized a Stress Management Awareness Session at Iqra University, led by Dr. Yasmeen Khan, who skillfully guided attendees through effective coping techniques, empowering students with valuable tools to combat stress. The session encompassed breakout sessions which facilitated an exchange of diverse stress management strategies among students, fostering an environment for shared experiences and learning.… Continue reading Stress Management Session at Iqra University (Main Campus)
Savaira signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Khadija Kazi Ali Memorial Higher Secondary School to formalize their collaboration for the Parvaan student wellness project. This collaborative effort reflects commitment of both organizations to prioritizing students' mental health by implementing comprehensive mental health interventions at various educational levels. The project aims to create a nurturing environment,… Continue reading MOU Signing with Khadija Kazi Ali School
Savaira is a member of the core committee of the Pakistan Mental Health Coalition and played an active role in its 2nd Annual Meeting at Ramada Creek Hotel, Karachi. Dr. Yasmeen warmly welcomed esteemed guests, while our program manager, Nawal Nasir co-chaired the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Subcommittee. The event spotlighted 'Effective Mental Health… Continue reading Participation in Pakistan Mental Health Coalition’s (2nd Annual Meeting)
As part of our outreach activities, Savaira held a mental health awareness session in the village of Korai, Larkana. Our clinical psychologist, Momal Bashir, led an impactful session tailored for underprivileged primary school students, aiming to address prevalent anger issues while emphasizing the importance of emotional and social well-being. The session focused on equipping these… Continue reading Awareness Session in Larkana School
The Fehmida Begum Foundation, invited Dr. Yasmeen, President of Savaira, as the Chief Guest to celebrate Purple Day, dedicated to children with special needs. Dr. Yasmeen gave a speech highlighting the pivotal role mothers play in supporting special children and promoting inclusivity. She distributed certificates to acknowledge Special Olympics participants, while a delightful cake cutting… Continue reading Purple Tuesday Celebration with Fehmida Begum Foundation
Savaira signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NJV Government, Higher Secondary School to collaborate in the implementation of the Parvaan Student Wellness Program. This collaborative effort reflects both organizations' commitment to prioritizing students' mental health by creating awareness, offering prevention programs and enhancing access to quality care at various educational levels. The project aims to… Continue reading MOU Signing with NJV School
Savaira organized a well-attended symposium to create awareness on integrated mental health at Iqra University. Our distinguished keynote speaker was Professor Dr. Zafar Mirza, Director, Health System Development, WHO Eastern Mediterranean region. He spoke about inclusion of mental health services as part of Sustainable Development Goals for universal health coverage. Pakistan is suffering from a… Continue reading Savaira Hosts Symposium on Integrated Mental Health
Savaira collaborated with Iqra University to utilize the compelling medium of interactive theatre for initiating conversations about mental health. We organized a series of four impactful theatre shows across their multiple campuses. The plays addressed challenges that resonate with the youth like parental expectations, career decisions, the pressures of professional life, and how peer influence… Continue reading Interactive Theatre Sessions at Iqra University
Savaira organized an engaging and thought-provoking community awareness theatre event at Raast School with support from Matrix Pharma. The play was presented to a receptive audience of 70 parents from Raast School. It highlighted the crucial role of parents in shaping their children’s feelings and friendships and included scenes on school bullying and family dynamics.… Continue reading Community Awareness Theatre for Parents at Raast School
Savaira actively participated in Synapse's 'Jashn-e-Noor' event to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Day, presenting our stall named 'Khud Ko Pehchano'. Our team of dedicated clinical psychologists engaged attendees in an insightful activity aimed at self-exploration. Participants were encouraged to paint pots and plant saplings, symbolizing personal growth and nurturing. It was heartwarming to witness individuals… Continue reading Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Day with Synapse
On the occasion of World Mental Health Awareness day, Savaira conducted a compelling and thought-provoking Interactive Theatre event at SZABIST, focusing on the imperative topic of Mental Health Awareness. This engaging initiative witnessed the active participation of 100+ students from the university, providing them with a unique platform to explore the intricacies of mental health… Continue reading Interactive Theater at SZABIST
In celebration of Mental Health Awareness month, Savaira collaborated with The Ivy School to host an impactful discussion on anxiety awareness tailored for primary and secondary school students. Our dedicated team of clinical psychologists conducted engaging sessions that were sensitive to different age groups, fostering an open environment for students to discuss their anxieties. It… Continue reading Emotional Development Session at The Ivy School
Savaira conducted a training program for the teachers of Dream Model Street School, as part of our Parvaan student wellness project. The highly interactive sessions incorporated role plays, parent-teacher meeting simulations and various engaging address mental health issues among students. Effective strategies to deal with these concerns were shared, such as circle time, classroom… Continue reading Teachers Training Workshop at Dream Model Street School
On the occasion of Suicide Prevention Day approached, Savaira took its message of mental health awareness to the national stage, featuring on Bol TV's morning show. Dr. Rubeena Kidwai, Program Director at Savaira, spearheaded a crucial conversation aimed to inspire open dialogue within communities, encouraging individuals to share their challenges with loved ones. Recognizing the… Continue reading Savaira Advocates for Hope on Bol TV Morning Show
On the occasion of Suicide Prevention Day, Dr. Yasmeen Khan, President of Savaira, engaged in a compelling conversation on HOT FM 105, a popular radio channel, with host Shireen Akhtar. She spoke on the urgent need to destigmatize mental health by dispelling myths and fostering open conversations. Dr Yasmeen shed light on the recent changes… Continue reading Savaira Sheds Light on Suicide on HOT FM 105 Radio Show
As part of our Parvaan student wellness project, Savaira conducted a 24-hour teacher training program for the teachers of Raast School, spanning three days. The comprehensive sessions addressed understanding mental health issues among students and effective strategies to address these concerns through activities such as circle time, classroom management techniques, relaxation exercises, and active listening… Continue reading Teachers Training Workshop at Raast School
The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) in collaboration with Savaira recently organized a tribute to celebrate the remarkable life and contributions of the renowned Professor Syed Haroon Ahmed. After the event, Dr. Haroon was given a tour of the new building which will have 120 beds when fully… Continue reading Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Professor Syed Haroon Ahmed: A Tribute by JPMC and Savaira
Savaira joined esteemed leaders, including Chief Minister Sindh, Murad Ali Shah, Mayor of Karachi, Murtaza Wahab, Chairperson Sindh Mental Health Authority, Senator Dr. Karim Ahmed Khawaja, mental health professionals, advocates, development sector professionals, and the business community, at Children of Adam’s neuropsychiatric hospital fundraiser. Impressed by the Children of Adam’s vision for mental health, Savaira… Continue reading Fundraiser for Children of Adam’s Neuropsychiatric Hospital
Savaira joined forces with the Pakistan Mental Health Coalition (PMHC) in a thought-provoking stakeholder event. Held on May 24th at Pearl Continental Hotel, the event served as a platform to promote collaboration among diverse mental health stakeholders and shed light on the crucial issue of ethical principles in the field. Under the leadership of the… Continue reading Importance of Ethical Principles for Mental Health Professionals – a PMHC Stakeholder Event
In order to strengthen relationships and build a sense of camaraderie among staff, Savaira and the Psychiatry department leadership organized an Eid Milan party to celebrate our first Eid in the new building. It was a wonderful opportunity for all the department staff members, PGs, House Officers and Savaira team to come together and share… Continue reading Eid Milan Party at JPMC Psychiatry Department
Presenters: Karwan-e-Hayat information technology team Karwan-e-Hayat gave a presentation over Zoom on the Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) software developed by them. Members from Savaira, the JPMC Psychiatry department and Patients’ Aid Foundation IT department attended the session. The HMIS caters specifically to a psychiatric setting and the team discussed the possibility of adapting it… Continue reading Presentation on HMIS by Karwan-e-Hayat
The Savaira team, comprising Dr. Yasmeen Khan, Dr. Asif Khan and Ms. Mehrin Ansari, visited Karwan-e-Hayat Institute for Mental Health Care on the invitation of their leadership team. They were given a tour of the premises including the OPD and rehabilitation set-up and briefed on the services they provide. The Savaira and KeH teams shared… Continue reading Savaira Team visits Karwan-e-Hayat
Presenter: Dr. Yasmeen Khan and Dr Asif Khan Savaira President Dr. Yasmeen Khan and Vice President Dr. Asif Khan were Invited as keynote speakers for a Women’s Day Wellness Bootcamp program organized by Solace. Solace works with employers to promote wellness in the workplace by organizing events such as fitness classes, meditation sessions, or nutrition… Continue reading Women’s Day Session for Solace
Presenter: Dr. Maleeha Ahsan, MD Dr. Maleeha Ahsan, MD, a psychiatrist based in Illinois, gave a demo and talk to PGs at the JPMC Psychiatry Department on an ECT machine which had been generously donated by her to her alma mater. The session was very productive and interactive and it helped in enhancing knowledge of… Continue reading Demo on ECT Machine at JPMC
Savaira was invited to the annual partners meeting of British Asian Trust (BAT). The event was held at the Dilkusha Hall, Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi. This one-day session showcased the work that BAT is doing in Pakistan and provided a forum for all-implementing partners to network, learn and share their experiences and to come together… Continue reading British Asian Trust Annual Partners Meeting
On 1st March 2023, an IRD-led team performed a play using the Theatre of the Oppressed methodology at the JPMC Psychiatry building. The audience comprised 3rd and 4th year medical students. The drama narrated the stories of three Kirans, one a medical student aspiring to specialize in Psychiatry, another a Psychiatry PG trainee and the… Continue reading Theatre of the Oppressed Performance in JPMC Psychiatry Department
Dr Muhammad Zeshan MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Rutgers University visited the Psychiatry Department at JPMC in February 2022 to conduct a Child Mental Health Camp in the OPD. He then made a presentation to the department staff and PG trainees on the topic of “modern parenting, screen addiction and cyberbullying”. He spoke on… Continue reading Child Mental Health Camp and Presentation on Modern Parenting
Savaira has been collaborating with Interactive Research & Development (IRD) to set up Wellness Centers in government hospitals under the Pursukoon Zindagi program for the last two years. The centers are shipping containers which have been converted to rooms for provision of free mental health counseling services. The most recent such center was inaugurated in… Continue reading Inauguration of Wellness Center at Lyari General Hospital
Savaira is a member of the core committee of the Pakistan Mental Health Coalition (PMHC) and hosted its third annual strategic meeting on 8th February, 2023. Dr. Yasmeen Khan, Savaira President started the meeting with a welcome message, which was followed by group discussions and team-building activities. The main agenda of the meeting was to… Continue reading Savaira Hosts Pakistan Mental Health Coalition Strategic Meeting
On Monday January 30th, 2023, the Psychiatry Outpatient Department at JPMC shifted to the new Rashid Soorty Building. Approximately 400 patients visit the OPD each day and the number of consultation rooms has increased from 5 in the previous building to 13 in the new one. This will enable smooth functioning and better services. An… Continue reading JPMC Psychiatry OPD Shifted to New Building
On 20th January 2023, Savaira had a strategic team meeting with its founding team members to plan their long-term strategic goals and priorities. In this meeting, the team identified the major areas Savaira will be working on in the future and key projects for the next year. They will now work on resource mapping and… Continue reading Savaira Strategy Team Meeting
Presenter: Dr Farah Asim Khan Dr. Farah Asim Khan, MD, an adult, child and adolescent psychiatrist based in New Jersey, USA, was visiting Karachi during the months of December 2022 and January 2023. Savaira arranged her visits to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at JPMC to conduct case consultation and training sessions for… Continue reading Training and Case Consultations for Psychiatry Residents
A soft launch of the new building for the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at JPMC was held on Tuesday, November 29th , 2022. The ceremony started a ribbon cutting by the Soorty family, followed by a dua by Anum Soorty, CEO of The Soorty Foundation. Participants then gathered in the conference room where… Continue reading Soft launch of new psychiatry building at JPMC
Trainer: Dr Uzma Ambareen In continuation of Savaira’s project for integration of mental health in primary care settings, a full day training session was organized for Shine Humanity’s allied health care staff to orient them on recognition and understanding of common mental health issues. The participants included ten community health workers, midwives, nutritionist and paramedical… Continue reading Training for Shine Humanity Pakistan Allied Health Staff
Trainer: Dr Uzma Ambareen Savaira has signed an MoU with Shine Humanity Pakistan (SHP) to support integration of mental health in their primary health care clinics. As part of this project, Savaira engaged Dr. Uzma Ambreen, a psychiatrist with extensive clinical and training experience, to train a group of 9 SHP General Practitioners. After an… Continue reading Training for Shine Humanity Pakistan General Practitioners
Participants Dr. Yasmeen Khan, Dr. Rubeena Kidwai, Ms. Mehrin Ansari Savaira President Dr. Yasmeen Khan received an Award of Appreciation in recognition of Savaira’s services at an event organized by Ocean Mall to mark Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day. The theme of the event was ‘Made in Pakistan’ where some organizations and individuals who have contributed… Continue reading Appreciation Award for Savaira
Presenter: Dr. Yasmeen Khan The President of Savaira, Dr. Yasmeen Khan, conducted a session on “Orientation to Counseling Skills” organized by Charter for Compassion (CfC) in collaboration with Sindh Mental Health Authority (SMHA) at NED University Karachi. CfC and SMHA have Inaugurated a Mental Health Counseling Helpline at Civil Hospital Karachi in July 2022. There… Continue reading Orientation to Counseling Skills for Charter for Compassion
Trainer: Dr. Rubeena Kidwai, Dr Yasmeen Khan and Ms. Nasreen Tariq As part of its Parvaan school mental health program, Savaira conducted training sessions for Al Furqan Welfare Organization (AFWO). The first session was by Dr Rubeena Kidwai for their school leadership team to sensitize them on children’s mental health issues and the role teachers… Continue reading Leadership and Teacher Training Al Furqan Schools
Presenter: Dr. Rubeena Kidwai One of Savaira’s goals is to promote mental health at the grass roots level. With this in mind, it has initiated a school mental health program to sensitize school leadership and train teachers on identification, management and referral of children with basic mental health issues. Dr. Rubeena Kidwai, Savaira’s Director of… Continue reading Leadership and Teacher Training Green Crescent Trust Schools
Speakers: Dr. Yasmeen Khan and Dr Asif Khan Savaira President Dr Yasmeen Khan and Vice President Dr. Asif Khan were interviewed by RJ Saddam Siddiqui for ZUFM 98.2 radio.. The purpose of the interview was to reduce stigma, promote awareness, and provide information related to mental health. They discussed what mental health is and why… Continue reading Radio Program – Contemporary Issues and Challenges of Mental Health in Pakistan
Speakers: Dr. Yasmeen Khan and Dr Rubeena Kidwai Savaira President Dr. Yasmeen Khan and Vice President Dr. Asif Khan served as panelists at the 2nd International Conference: “Post Covid impact on Mental Health of Millennials: Physical, Social & Educational Challenges” organized by Karachi University Department of Psychology. A plenary session was conducted in which experts… Continue reading International Conference on Post COVID impact on Mental Health of Millennials
Speakers: Dr. Yasmeen Khan and Dr. Rubeena Kidwai Dr. Yasmeen Khan and Dr Rubeena Kidwai participated in the International Conference on Wellbeing: “An interdisciplinary Perspective organized by the School of Social Science and Humanities” at National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad. Dr Khan was the keynote speaker on a virtual session on “Family and… Continue reading International Conference on Wellbeing at National University of Sciences and Technology
Trainer: Dr Asif Khan As part of Savaira’s ongoing support to Karachi University’s Department of Psychology, Vice President Dr. Asif Khan conducted a nine-week Basic Counseling Skills Supervision Course for students of the post-magisterial diploma counseling program. 25 students attended this course, which consisted of nine interactive sessions of 2.5 hours each, as well as… Continue reading Basic Counseling Skills Supervision Course at Karachi University
A Wellness Center was inaugurated at Sindh Government Hospital, New Karachi in January 2022. This is the third such center established as part of an ongoing initiative in collaboration between Savaira and IRD to provide free of cost for mental health counseling for low income populations. A small launch event was held to commemorate the… Continue reading Inauguration of Wellness Center at Sindh Government Hospital, New Karachi
In order to provide better patient care and evening coverage, Dr. Darshana Kumari has recently joined JPMC as a Psychiatrist. The appointment was made in coordination with the Psychiatry Department leadership, Savaira, and the Patients Aid Foundation. Dr. Darshana completed her MBBS degree from Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro in 2014 and… Continue reading New Psychiatrist, Dr Darshana Kumari joins JPMC Psychiatry Department
We are excited to announce that Syeda Fiza Ali has joined our team at Savaira as a Marketing and Communications Manager. With her extensive background in marketing and a passion for driving impactful change, Fiza brings valuable expertise to our organization. Previously she has worked for the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi. Her experience in… Continue reading Syeda Fiza Ali joins Savaira as Marketing and Communications Manager
Professor Victoria Bird of Queen Mary University in London, international partner and Principal Investigator for the PIECES project visited the JPMC Psychiatry Department on March 22, 2023 along with other members of the PIECES team. This is a research project being conducted by IRD at the department with the objective of improving community-based mental health… Continue reading IRD Team Visit JPMC New Psychiatry Building
The groundbreaking ceremony of a Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital to be constructed by Children of Adam was held on the 14th of March’2023 at the project site in Gadap. CoA is a non-profit organization working both internationally and in Pakistan for several years. The Honorable Chief Minister, of Sindh Mr. Murad Ali Shah was the chief guest,… Continue reading Ground Breaking Ceremony, Children of Adam Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital
Ms. Tabinda Afzal has joined the JPMC Psychiatry Department as a Senior Psychologist to enhance the quality of patient services. The appointment was made in coordination with Savaira, JPMC Psychiatry Department and the Patients Aid Foundation. Tabinda has done her M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology from Bahria University and is enrolled for a PhD program. She… Continue reading Senior Psychologist joins JPMC Psychiatry Department
Savaira is on the core committee of the Pakistan Mental Health Coalition (PMHC), a network of organizations and individuals whose vision is to collaboratively promote a holistic and multisectoral approach for mental health in Pakistan. Dr Rubeena Kidwai, PhD, represents Savaira in the Quality Standards Sub-committee of PMHC. The objective of this subcommittee is to set… Continue reading Savaira’s Representation on Pakistan Mental Health Coalition
Online Training on Couples Counseling Trainer: Tom Ryan and Maryam Suheyl Savaira offered 20 hours of virtual Interactive training in Couples Counseling for psychologists spread over five Sundays in September and October. The training was facilitated by Tom Ryan (Master in Counseling Psychology, Gottman certified) with Ms. Maryam Suheyl (Master in Marriage and Family Therapy)… Continue reading Online Training on Couples Counseling
For providing better mental health care services and evening coverage, Patients Aid Foundation (PAF) has hired a new psychiatrist Dr. Aliya Khan in the JPMC Psychiatry Department. The appointment was made in coordination with Savaira and the Psychiatry Department leadership. Dr Aliya did her MBBS from Dow University of Health Sciences in 2015 and cleared… Continue reading New Psychiatrist Dr. Aliya Khan joins JPMC Psychiatry Department
The inpatient ward in the new psychiatry building at JPMC is now operational. Patients have been shifted from the old psychiatry ward to the new one where they will get better facilities. The new building has a capacity of 120 beds, with separate units for males and female adults, children and adolescents and substance abuse… Continue reading Patients Shifted to The New Psychiatry Building
Every other Wednesday, we hold a zoom conference with a senior psychiatrist in order to provide better training to JPMC Psychiatric Residents. Dr. Syed Irfan Ali, MD, a Chicago-based highly experienced psychiatrist, with special interest in forensic and psycho-pharmacology has been having monthly training sessions with the Residents and on Wednesday, Feb 1st, he facilitated… Continue reading JPMC Psychiatry Residents Case Presentation Session
One of Savaira’s goals is to promote mental wellbeing in children at the grassroots level for prevention of mental illness in later life. In this regard, the Savaira team met with the British Asian Trust, which is working with the Global Institute of Human Development in Islamabad on a wide-ranging program in public schools in… Continue reading Savaira Meeting with BAT