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Dr. Asif Khan, Vice President of Savaira, recently conducted an insightful awareness session on men's mental health, addressing the pervasive stigma that surrounds this issue within Pakistani society. In his session, Dr. Khan highlighted the significant barriers men face in expressing their emotions openly, often due to societal expectations that discourage vulnerability and emotional expression.… Continue reading Dr. Asif Khan, Vice President of Savaira, Recently Conducted an Insightful Awareness Session on Men’s Mental Health
Thrilled to announce a powerful partnership! Savaira and have joined forces through a signed MOU. Building a brighter future for mental health! Stay tuned for exciting developments!
Savaira signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Bridge Foundation to formalize their collaboration for the Parvaan-School wellness Program. This collaborative effort reflects commitment of both organizations to prioritizing students' mental well-being by implementing comprehensive interventions at various educational levels. This program is dedicated to fostering a nurturing school environment that prioritizes mental well-being for… Continue reading MOU Signing with The Bridge Foundation
Savaira, a member of the core committee of the Pakistan Mental Health Coalition, played an active role in the organization's 3rd Annual Meeting at the Ramada Creek Hotel in Karachi. During the session, which focused on ethical standards and codes of conduct for mental health professionals, Savaira, along with other participants, actively contributed to drafting… Continue reading Participation in Pakistan Mental Health Coalition’s (3rd Annual Meeting)
Savaira organized the interactive theater session for parents on mental health awareness at NJV School. This engaging event was designed to educate parents about the social and emotional challenges their children may encounter. The approach involved presenting scenarios without immediate solutions, encouraging parents to reflect on the potential difficulties their children might face in terms… Continue reading NJV Interactive Theatre