Why It’s Important to Talk about Stress and Mental Health

We often talk openly about our physical health and wellness but it is essential not to overlook the fact of how significant…

December 2, 2023

We often talk openly about our physical health and wellness but it is essential not to overlook the fact of how significant mental well-being is. Our mental health is not just a part of who we are; it’s the very core that shapes and influences our thoughts, emotions, and interactions with the world we live in. It can be said that mental health is similar to a compass that helps us navigate.

Imagine life as a tangled version of earphones, it functions at its best when sorted neatly, otherwise, it will give distorted noises. Similarly, mental health serves as a conductor to every aspect of our life including emotions, thoughts, experiences, history, love, care, complexities, and everything in between.

So, warm welcome to the blog, “Why it is important to talk about stress and important health”. Here, we will be discussing the intricacies of mental health, what stress is, why it is important, and the importance of speaking about it to have a bright future. This blog aims to understand and support you. Let’s explore together, to get educated, help, or heal.

The Facade of “I'm Fine”

Many people, when asked the seemingly simple question “How are you” often respond with a standardised “I’m fine, you?” even when they may be feeling drained and exhausted. They become hesitant and within them, there exists fear that expressing their true feelings might either dampen the conversation or result in an unsupportive response.

People can be incredibly sensitive when it comes to openly discussing their emotions or how they’ve truly been holding up. This hesitancy to share can be attributed to societal pressure, negative past experiences, or judgments. It’s not the world of fiction, but rather a reality, where we need to understand that whatever we say has an impact on those who are sensitive and suffering.

It is important to recognize and understand these barriers that hinder open communication about one’s well-being. Read on to discover the importance of speaking up.

Let's Talk about Stress and Its Impacts

It is essential to break free from the stereotype and confidently open up about struggles. Every single person, no matter how happy they may appear, experiences negative emotions and suffers silently. There is no shame in accepting that, yes, I’m stressing over this, or in sharing your story. Stress is inevitable, and we experience it daily. It is a natural response to unforeseen situations or circumstances, but when it comes to chronic or overwhelming, it can have a detrimental impact.

Prolonged stress can lead to depression and anxiety. The mind and body are intricately interconnected, and as a result, chronic stress can adversely impact the physical body, which ultimately hits back at mental health. High stress levels can impair cognitive functions like decision-making, concentration, and memory, and make it hard to perform daily basic tasks. Stress entirely disrupts sleep patterns, potentially causing insomnia or hypersomnia. Either way, it worsens stress and causes mental disorders.

In many cases, individuals, rather than seeking help or talking about their stress and mental health, turn to substance abuse or social isolation as a coping mechanism. However, this only worsens the impact and can eventually lead to mental disorders.

Stress is a subject that needs a voice. It is certainly not healthy or sustainable to keep it to yourself and suffer in silence, if you really want to deal with your stress, the only way out is through open conversation.

Breaking the Silence: Why Discussing Stress and Mental Health Matters

Discussing and managing stress is paramount for leading a healthy and content life. To effectively manage stress and mental health, we must initiate conversations about it, and there are compelling reasons why this is important.

  1. Destigmatization: Open conversation plays a vital role in breaking down the stigma associated with these issues. When people find a non-judgmental and welcoming space, they are more likely to share their experiences. In doing so, they become an inspiration for others to do the same.
  2. Raising Awareness: Discussing mental health and stress raises awareness. Many people struggle to distinguish their feelings and understand what is actually happening to them. Increased awareness helps them recognize symptoms, enabling them to seek help and support.
  3. Preventing Severe Consequences: Discussing sensitive topics such as stress and mental health could lead to early recognition which ultimately allows for timely intervention. Potentially save lives and overall well-being.
  4. Promoting Help-Seeking Behavior: Encouraging open conversation is crucial in breaking societal stereotypes around seeking help for mental health. When people are comfortable reaching out to professionals, it marks a significant step forward.
  5. Support and Connection: By discussing stress and mental health, people find support and connection with others who have similar experiences. This sense of community aids in the healing process.
  6. Encouraging Awareness Campaigns: To address mental health effectively, it is essential to promote awareness campaigns in schools, colleges, and workplaces. This proactive approach ultimately leads to increased productivity and a healthier, more supportive environment for everyone.


In conclusion, stress when left unmanaged can cause detrimental effects on mental health. We have discussed in the blog how stress can affect and exhaust you mentally and why talking about stress and mental health is important. This blog is not a mere word on screen, they are beacons of hope to break the chains of stigma and silence. Remember your mental health matters, and your life is immeasurably precious. Each one reading this is a unique and irreplaceable piece of this world’s puzzle.

When times get tough and words seem to be heavier, there is always help and support available. It’s at this moment, there is a Savaira organization, staffed by dedicated professionals who are always available to help you through the darkest times of life and help you find the light that is meant to be yours.

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